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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Looking For Bigfoot

I have created this blog to for updates from my independent research into the possible existence of Bigfoot(Sasquatch)in West Virginia.There will be photos,videos and audio of any possible evidence or sightings posted here.Specific locations will remain confidential.Only a general location(IE County) will be posted.I will be doing these expeditions as time permits.
My first try at this will be Saturday April 26,2008 in Summers County where a reported Bigfoot Family has been sighted.This is only going to be for a few hours in a specific location to primarily check the area for possible footprints or other tell tale signs.I really don't expect to see a Bigfoot but one never knows.If I think this warrants further investigation I will set aside some time within the next month or so to spend overnight.My wife,daughter,her boyfriend and myself will be going on this trip.We will be taking a laptop,video camera,digital camera and a digital recorder with us.
I am working on a trip to Pocahontas County where I hope to spend a week.This one however is very tentative at this time.
Check back for updates.

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