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Monday, April 28, 2008

My first investigation Part2-There is something in the woods

After eating a hearty meal at Ryan's we decided to go back and do a little more looking around.So my daughter went to Wal Mart and brought a high intensity light.She also bought some wooden sticks to try some tree knocks.All of the wood at the site laying around was pretty much decaying so was useless.WE arrived back at the site around 8 PM.Daylight was starting to fade.I started the camcorder but only had 7 minutes of recording time left.I got my laptop out and started recording video with it.But like a dummy i forgot to enable the microphone so no sound.In any case my wife,daughter and her boyfriend got out.I stayed in the car fooling with the cam and laptop.My daughter and her boyfriend started up the dirt road while my wife stayed down around the tower.Now let me pause for a minute and say during the afternoon I was really feeling good going out and looking around.However once I got back to the site i was very apprehensive.Something was different about the whole atmosphere.I stayed close to the van.My daughter was still in sight when she started her wood knocks.Almost immediate ly she turned toward me and said"Dad,over there"pointing into the woods about 50 feet from the tree line surrounding the water tower.I pointed the cam toward the area but nothing was seen.She continued up the hill and went out of sight knocking every so often.I was keeping an eye on my wife who started her own set of knocks down by the tower.This went on for a while with no apparent results.My daughter is now coming back down the hill at a fast walk so I knew she had something.She said that every time she did a knock something in the woods moved closer to her.Then when my wife done her knocks it would change direction and move toward my wife.So thats when my daughter said"Lets do the sound".I had got a couple of BF vocalisation from the internet and stored them.I don't know how to post audio here so I cant let you hear them but I am sure many have heard them before.In any case i played them and almost instantly we all heard a thump in the woods behind the water tower and twig breaks from something walking.Well I got back in the car but I didnt start it.I told my daughter "I think we got all we need on this trip".I was ready to go.So we loaded up and drove down the hill.By this time it was dark.We stopped on the main road and started talking about what just happened.My wife and daughter said lets go back.I said nope and hit the interstate.For the next hour they begged me to go back.We stopped in Beckley for refreshments.Sat there for 20 minutes while they continued to plead.I said look this is our first time on something like this.We are not professionals so we do not know what we are dealing with.It could have been a bear and we had no defense against any wild critter.Finally we started back home.And thats it.When we got there in the afternoon we didn't hear anything.But when we came back that evening,something was there.Was it BF?I do not know.In anycase I will be going back soon.WE just had some rain last night so the ground is soft and footprints are much easier to spot.I will be updating here as the situation warrants.


JEFF said...

There is definitely something in those woods. Please continue but be careful! Very interesting reading.

Rick said...

Going to try to go back this weeken but may have to wait till next weekend as my daughter may not be able to make it this weekend.

Anonymous said...

I really have enjoyed reading this.