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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Second visit to the site June 12,2008

Got to spend about a half hour at the site today.I first stopped at the little country store about a mile from the area to buy some bait to put out.They did not have any fruit so I ended up getting some doughnuts.When I got to the visitors center and started up the hill.I noticed a white truck was going up ahead of me.He turned in to the water tower area.I saw on the side of the truckthat it belonged to the National Park System.It was loaded with branches and limbs.I got out and asked the driver some questions about the land and he said it was park property.He reffered me to the visitors center for more info which I got including maps.In any case after he left I got the laptop out and started recording video.I went up the hill to check on where I had moved the tree from the pathway to see if it was put back.It wasnt.I went on up a ways looking for some more "Xs" I found in the video from the first visit.I couldnt find them.I didnt want to go too far up by myself and there has been alot of growth since my last visit.So I headed back down and started walking around the treeline by the water tower.Went to the X first and looked around for a stump for the bottom tree.We didnt look real well the last time.Well I found it and it appears to also be a tree break like the top.I was unable to get a pic of it as the sun was very bright and distorting the camera in the laptop.When I go back I will get a good pic.All the while because of all the recent rain I am looking high and low for footprints.The only thing I found was the one I had captured in the video that had the toes.It is almost gone now with the growth and the rains washing it away.You can still see 2 toes and part of the foot.I went and put the laptop on top of the car and got the doughnuts.I placed them behind the water tower where nobody could see them on top of the fence where the barbed wire is.Hopefully if it works I might get some hair samples.That done I came of the hill stopped at the visitors center and talked to the rangers there for a few minutes.They asked me why I wanted to know about how much land is the parks and I told them I was an amature wildlife observer and I didnt want to trespass on private property.They give me maps and phone numbers to call for more info.I inquired about bears and they to;d me there were alot around but I should be ok as long as I dont run across a female.Well needless to say I will have some kind of bear protection the next trip.Finally after leaving the area I got off the interstate about 10 miles up the road and went through Shady Springs where there has been alot of reported activity.Just drove through the area to get a feel of the area.When I go back there I will ask about any abandoned mines in the area.Will update as situation warrants.

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