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Monday, June 30, 2008

Third trip JUNE 29,2008

Coming back from a family emergency trip to Virginia takes us right by the site.So about 8:30 PM we get there and park at the usual spot by the water tower.Out of the van we go(My wife and I)and start heading toward the treeline.Because it was getting dark we only ventured around he water tower.About a minute after we get bout we hear a very loud tree knock off to our right.The water tower is on our left.My wife turned immediately toward me as she was ahead of me about 20 feet.I told her what I thought it was.Very loud.I couldnt judge the distance but it sounded reasonably close.There was only one knock so I wondered if it was a tree knock or not as they are from what I read usualy in a pattern of three.Well we went behind the water tower toward the tree line.I was checking where I left bait on the last trip for possible hair samples in the barbed wire.No luck.While I was doing that my wife motioned me over toward her.When I got there we thought we heard a possible growl.Because of the interstate traffic and a high flying jet going by we couldnt discern it very well.In any case that was all we were able to do.I looked for any possible footprints to no avail or for any other tangible evidence.After about an hour or so we left.We are planning an overnighter.I think I am ready for it now.There are many things I need to check on including the double Xs and some other things I have found on the video of the first trip.Have already bought a good supply of video tape to record so there will be more tp look at.

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