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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Another woodknock from W Va Expedition

My wife and I were having issues with the airbed most of early Tuesday morning.Finally getting it fixed about 4;45am we got settled in.At that point we heard a very loud knock up by the cemetery behind our tent.Sounded metallic from what I remembered. It was followed about a second later by a dull thump. During this time I had my recorder going inside my van and Sharonlee had hers going across the way in her SUV. The windows were rolled up in my van and you can hear the fan on the laptop start up just prior to the knock but the sound was so loud it still caught it. You can barely hear the thump but I did not include it as it is barely discernable. As soon as I get hold of Sharons recording I will post it. Turn up you speakers loud and you can hear it better

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