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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Preliminary Visit To Potential Research Site

I couldnt stand it no longer.Since I had found and posted this report in the MABRC sightings database under West Virginia its been bugging me to go and take a look as this is only about 10 miles from me. So about 12:15 this afternoon I arrived at the cemetery. A very well kept area with many graves ranging from the mid 1800s to the present.The interstate is clearly visible to the north through an opening in the trees. There are several houses on the southern slope and woodland surrounds the remainder of the perimeter. This is also bordrerd by a large state forest.

This next picture is the area that the witness in the report saw the BF.

I started walking around the peremeter of the treeline on the western part of the area.You will see this on video to be posted later.After finding nothing unusual I went over to the eastern treeline. As I walked toward the woods I noticed nothing unusual.When I go close to the trees it slopes down hill.There are gravesites in the woods.This is where I found a curiousity.Many of the gravesites had fresh new artificial flowers placed on them I assume from the recent Memorial Day holiday. I noticed that alot of the flowers had been pulled from the various wreaths and arrabgements and scattered all over the ground. This area is out of sight from the road and houses which are in the area.

Here is the video.

Not saying that some other critter or human could not have done this. Just seemed odd to me that the only flowers that were disturbed was over the hill out of site.I will be revisiting the area this week and with some of the information in the report see if I can locate the original witness.

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