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Friday, July 3, 2009

News and Updates

Thought I would let everyone know whats going on here with me. First off I have recieved a anonymous donation and with it I have bought a fairly decent audio recorder with it.Once I get it it will be put to work immediately. I plan to put it close to the cemetary site in the adjacent forest and when I make a trip to Va I will put it out at the Expedition site and retrieve it a couple days later when I return.I am looking to also buy another Camcorder, and a fairly decent digital camera as this phone cam as you have seen is not the best.
I have and still am editing some posts here. I finally figured out how to make the pictures larger so check them out.
I plan on going into the forest near the cemetary within the next day or 2. I have known about this area for a good while but did not think there could be any type of activity there due to the relatively close proximity of some small towns as well as Charleston. The report from the cemetary 20 years ago has changed my thinking somewhat so Ill look around there.The strip mine I have only very limited access to although I feel its a good area.
Looking around the internet at various Bigfoot sites I have only found,aside from the recent BFRO report 2 other sighting reports for Kanawha County so far.They are on the site .Here are the links to them.


In Search Of said...

Hey Rick,InSearchOf here..dont forget Logan. Lots of sign here if you can live through the ticks. Anyway,good luck and if you ever get near Logan drop me a line and maybe we can hit the woods together.

Rick said...

hey Hugh good to hear from you. Ill let you know if I ever get down that way.