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Friday, November 6, 2009

Continuing The Audio Postings

This first one sounds like a possible grunt.

Sounds like a bird.

Here I believe is where whatever caused the footsteps in the earlier recording decided to leave.My thoughts on whatever caused these sounds is one of two things.First and we cant discount this possibility ,is that this was simply a deer or some other animal bedding down for the night.However it does not explain the possible Bi-Pedal footsteps heard in the earlier recording.My other theory is this could be a Squatch getting a good vantage point to watch the trucks going up and down the hill on the mountain across from this area.There is also something there which seemed unusual considering what I seen in other areas there.There are some old tires on this spot.What makes them so different is that instead of them being strewn about like in other places in this area,they are relatively neatly stacked where something could lay on them.A tire matress of sorts.I will be in the spot tomorrow and get some shots of this.

Some type of vocal.Possibly an Owl.

Unknown noises

This last clip from this time period is possibly a bird.

Working on the last 4 hour block now.Then I have a smaller one to listen to and Ill be done on this one.I am planning on another recon trip tomorrow looking at the first area for any signs and setting up the recorder in a different spot away from the aggravating truck traffic.

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