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Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Recap Of My First 2 Years Researching Bigfoot

In April I will begin my 3rd year of Bigfoot research.I started out cold by investigating a report on the BFRO website back in April 2008.I ended up meeting the person who made the report and we have since researched the area several times both together and separately.More on this site in a moment.Along with this I have been to Salt Fork State Park in Ohio on 2 expeditions and once by myself.As the weather starts to improve I will be going to a new site for some research and doing a recon on a 4th area in the southern part of the state which I have been asked to do privately by an individual.
For those who may be new and have not read the posts from way back I would like to reshare the 4 experiences I have had during these outings that could be possibly Bigfoot related.

April 2008 Summers County W Va
This was my first outing ever.My Wife,Daughter,her Boyfriend and myself went to Summers County to investigate a sighting report which occurred about a month earlier.Nothing much happened during the day until late dusk.The rest comes from my second post to this site.

"I started the camcorder but only had 7 minutes of recording time left.I got my laptop out and started recording video with it.But like a dummy i forgot to enable the microphone so no sound.In any case my wife,daughter and her boyfriend got out.I stayed in the car fooling with the cam and laptop.My daughter and her boyfriend started up the dirt road while my wife stayed down around the tower.Now let me pause for a minute and say during the afternoon I was really feeling good going out and looking around.However once I got back to the site i was very apprehensive.Something was different about the whole atmosphere.I stayed close to the van.My daughter was still in sight when she started her wood knocks.Almost immediate ly she turned toward me and said"Dad,over there"pointing into the woods about 50 feet from the tree line surrounding the water tower.I pointed the cam toward the area but nothing was seen.She continued up the hill and went out of sight knocking every so often.I was keeping an eye on my wife who started her own set of knocks down by the tower.This went on for a while with no apparent results.My daughter is now coming back down the hill at a fast walk so I knew she had something.She said that every time she did a knock something in the woods moved closer to her.Then when my wife done her knocks it would change direction and move toward my wife.So thats when my daughter said"Lets do the sound".I had got a couple of BF vocalizations from the internet and stored them.I played them and almost instantly we all heard a thump in the woods behind the water tower and twig breaks from something walking.Well I got back in the car but I didnt start it.I told my daughter "I think we got all we need on this trip".I was ready to go.So we loaded up and drove down the hill.By this time it was dark.We stopped on the main road and started talking about what just happened.My wife and daughter said lets go back.I said nope and hit the interstate.For the next hour they begged me to go back.We stopped in Beckley for refreshments.Sat there for 20 minutes while they continued to plead.I said look this is our first time on something like this.We are not professionals so we do not know what we are dealing with.It could have been a bear and we had no defense against any wild critter."

October 2008 Salt Fork State Park Ohio
On a cold raw Saturday My Wife and I ventured up to Salt Fork for a revisit.We had been there a month earlier on an expedition and was doing some followup for a radio interview I was to do.It was late in the afternoon when this incident happened.I had just finished looking at a possible shelter like structure and was driving away when I became very disoriented weak and queasy.After about 10 seconds of this it subsided.If I had been standing I would have fallen down.This has not happened to me before or since and I have never felt anything like it.

March 2009 MABRC Expedition Summers County W Va.
I got to see my first footprint on this expedition.It is the picture on the header here.LSurf had recorded some woodknocks during one night.My wife and I were having issues with the airbed most of early Tuesday morning.Finally getting it fixed about 4;45am we got settled in.At that point we heard a very loud knock up by the cemetery behind our tent.Sounded metallic from what I remembered.My wife whispered"What was that?"I whispered back"What do you think it was?" It was followed about a second later by a dull thump. During this time I had my recorder going inside my van.The windows were rolled up in my van and you can hear the fan on the laptop start up just prior to the knock but the sound was so loud it still caught it. You can barely hear the thump but I did not include it as it is barely discernable.

August 2009 Salt Fork State Park Ohio
On the second night we sat up on a ridge overlooking a small wooded valley.Vocalizations started with whoops by the expedition party being returned.This is the first time I have heard possible vocalizations.Although there was recordings made during this time they have not been made available.I can however give you an example of what Lowrider,who was there,classified as a fake Bard Owl call we was hearing.

This first recording is a true bard owl call taken from a website.

This recording is the same as the first except I have edited it to reflect exactly what we was hearing.

That is the extent of my experiences thus far.I have yet to see one although my wife has seen a possible Juvenile in Summers County.

1 comment:

lowrider said...

Hey Rick, happy Squatch'n in 2010. May you have many encounters and sightings. We should plan another Salt Fork expedition for this summer.

Bob / lowrider