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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Just A Update On What I Have Been Doing Lately

Just got back from Kentucky today after the funeral of my wifes sister.This is the second sister she has lost in less than a year.Couple that with her falling and shattering her elbow,going through replacement surgery and continuing therapy,which has lasted for months and continues on,then I have been pretty much out of the woods.I did manage to get the recorder out a couple of weeks ago and did capture something interesting.More on that later.
My self and my fellow mountaineer researcher Bladenbigfoot are planning an expedition this spring/summer in a active area of the state.Will keep you posted on this as the details are worked out.
If you didnt catch my second appearance on Nite Callers on the Meeting Of The Minds Show,I will be posting it here soon.I enjoyed it and I learned alot from it.One thing in particular was that researchers CAN have a sane and rational discussion without bickering and fighting.
I would also like to thank The Squatchdetective Steve Kulls for adding this blog to his blog list on his website.
I am hoping to get back out regularly into the field soon.I miss it alot.Along with the aforementioned expedition,I am hoping to spend several nights in my own research area where I have been recording.With that in mind I would like to share this recording with you.
This was recorded January 15,2011 at about 11PM.You will hear 2 Coyote howls followed by,for lack of a better word,something.Then the whole pack gets riled up.

Bigfoot - 110115 004 (8) 1100pm What the hell is this amongst the coyotes by tapemaster

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