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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Report From One Of My Children

Ive got 4 children and they all know about my research.My daughter is a firm believer while the other 3 boys are somewhat skeptical.Today while I was taking the second oldest son home he asked me a question which nearly run me off the road. "How fast does a Sasquatch run?"After I made a brief explanation he related 2 incidents to me.First is the most recent.He lives in a relatively rural area.A few houses scattered about.Last night he had walked out of his holler to the road to meet his kids off the church bus.During the wait he noticed something running at an extremely fast speed down the hillside from the treeline.It was dark so he could not tell if it was bi pedal or not.It disappeared behind some old buildings.After the bus got there the kids scurried up the holler and left him behind.On his way back up the holler he could hear something behind him breaking branches very loudly.He had one of his dogs with him and said it was going nuts but would not run into the woods after whatever it was as he normally would.he also described a thump thump thump associated with the breaking branches.
The second incident occurred about a month ago.Again it was dark.Him and one of his boys were waiting for the bus with the other 2 on it.While looking over in this same field(Picture below)they both saw red eyeshine in the weeds.Thinking it strange they both hollered at it but it remained motionless.Then they started throwing rocks at it and it still did not move.This went on till the bus arrived then they left.He has also told me of weird noises at night but did not elaborate.
Within the next 2 weeks I am going to set up 2 game cams and audio recorder in this area.This is within just a few miles of another report which I posted in the sightings reports from the Sissonville area.

Picture of field in question.


Anonymous said...

What county is this happening in? I have family in Roane.

Rick said...

Kanawha County