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Monday, January 18, 2010

Thoughts Part 1

After the hoopla and subsequent let down(again)of the great north footage I find it amazing at how much credence we give to things such as Blobsquatches and stick structures.Yes I have been as guilty as the next researcher in these matters.In fact I can point to 2 things in my research where I thought I may have something only to find out later I was wrong.The first is this picture from my research site from back in July 2008.

This is what I had erroneously thought to be a possible adult and juvenile.I was even able to lighten up the pic to where there were ape like features apparent.It was nothing more than a trick of shadow and light.During the expedition back in March 2009 I was able to locate the area and found it nothing more than a tree stump.

We need to focus on more tangible evidence such as possible footprints especially in remote areas where human activity is scarce,as well as the possible vocalizations and the woodknocking phenomenon.Of course some clear video would help even though it will probably take a body not in a freezer to convince most people.In any case in part 2 of my rantings I will show some stick formations and tree bends which were 100% natural.

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