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Monday, March 14, 2011

Debunking Myself

With all the recent postings blobsquatch pictures on Facebook which claim to be of our hairy freind I thought I would post something debunking myself.I am going to give you 2 examples of what I thought was a Bigfoot.One picture example and one more recent audio example.Back when I started researching this subject I was excited to get out into the field with my video camera and get a picture of the big guy.I went to Summers county 2 weeks after a report was posted on the BFRO about a family of 4 Bigfoot being spotted.The area was easy to find as the BFRO gave very detailed descriptions of where it was at.After a couple of trips there I went one July day in 2008(the pic says 2007 but the year was set wrong). I went a bit deeper into the woods and saw something unusual.I done a closeup of it and stayed focused on it for a minute or so.I could not make out any details on the small viewscreen so after I got home I looked at the video and extracted a still from is the still.

I decided to try to enhance this to bring out more is the enhanced picture with the notes I posted on it.

If you look real close at the "baby"you can see what looks like ape like facial features.While many found it interesting several researchers asked if I could go back to the exact spot and see if this was still there or not.After several unsuccessful searches I finally found the spot during the late fall 2008.Much to my dismay and embarrassment,this was nothing more than a tree stump.I did not have my camera with me then so I did not get a pic.

The next thing is what I and many other researchers considered a "home run".For all intents and purposes this sounds like 2 whoops.Recorded Nov 5,2010.

TR20101105-131932 129pm 2 possible whoops but not a squatch by tapemaster

This was the highlight of my appearance on the Nite Callers radio show which is posted here.It had all the hosts and chat room buzzing.Everyone that had ever heard this concluded this was possible whoops.But wait,theres more!Fast forward to feb 14,2011 when I again picked up these same whoops.

Bigfoot - 110214 001 (1) 129pm 2 new whoops but not Squatch hiss reduction by tapemaster

I thought when I heard this that it was very similar to what I had picked up back in November.I decided to compare the 2 so I went back to the November sound and noticed that the time of that recording matched the time the February recording occurred.So Im thinking this is more than coincidence so I decided to go to be at the same spot myself at 130pm and see what happens.Well there was the whoop precisely at 130pm.While I have video of the occasion,the sound is not synced up with the video.So here is the audio.Pay attention to the person I talked to after I heard the whoop again explaining what this really is.Note that there is a mountain top removal coal mine over on the next mountain.Start listening at around 5:45 on the recording.

Whoops Audio Explained by tapemaster

This I think shows the importance of staying in the same area and following up on what you may have found with more thorough investigation.

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