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Sunday, April 27, 2008

My First Investigation Part 1

We started out this Saturday as any other.We always like to go to the yard sales and flea markets so off we went,stopping by my daughters to pick her and her boyfriend up.After we spent the morning driving around we left about 12:30 for the hour and a half drive to Summers county.
As we approached the exit we could see where the alleged first sighting took place.It was up behind a visitors center just off the exit.The mountainside had trees and brush but it was easy to see the forest floor.Anything the size of Sasquatch could be seen relatively easy.We exited came to the building and very quickly found the gravel road where it was reported about 150ft up this road the second sighting occurred.We found a place to pull off in a curve and parked.You could see where the road went around and led to a gated cemetery.I told my daughter who is more into ghosts than Bigfoot that we could kill 2 birds with one stone and she could try to get some EVPs while we were there.Unfortunately circumstances later that evening prevented that little jaunt as you will see.To the left just around the curve was what looked like a water tower of sorts and a rutted dirt road going up the mountain.

Remember the water tower.It comes into play later.

So my daughter and her boyfriend went to the right of the water tower and over a slight bank into the woods while my wife and I started up the dirt road.It was not a steep climb so my wife was able to do it although she is paying for it today.
The climb up the hill was pretty uneventful.I was recording the whole time which would prove later to be a mistake.I had left the other 2 videotapes at home.DUH!Any way I was looking for just about anything that would constitute possible activity.The first thing I noticed was this tree laying across a kind of pathway.

We will come back to this on the way down the hill.we continued up the hill "marking our territory" as we went along.The next thing that I noticed was something I had read about during my research.It seems that BF will break larger rocks into smaller ones by busting them up on another hard surface to make them smaller projectiles.During the second reported sighting the witnesses said there were rocks being thrown at them.I thought this was odd when I walked up on it.

So we continued on up the hill.Things remained pretty uneventful.We got to this one area where we could hear the interstate traffic again.Apparently I-64 wraps itself around this mountain.We had decided to stop there as we had been walking up about a half hour and go back down.As we turned around and started back our noses picked up the stink.This is where the following video starts.My wife says it smelled like cow.I really couldn't associate what it was.Then right after that we heard what sounded like grunting.It was coming from the interstate side if the road.I was hoping that the mic could pick it up but apparently the auto traffic drowned it out.However if you listen real close at the 50 second mark you can barely hear a possible grunt.Here is the vid.The picture is jumpy but its the best I could do with the program I am using for transfers.

So we continued down the hill and it was pretty much uneventful.We ran into daughter and hey boyfriend coming up.She had only heard what sounded like a rock hitting a tree and a possible twig snap and nothing else.I showed her the rock formation pictured above and continued on down.Before exiting back out to the water tower I stopped again at the tree across the path.I took some video,and did some close inspection.Here are some pics from the video.

After i had finished looking at this I moved the tree to one side to see if it would be put back.This will be one of my projects when i get back there.Now we come out back to the water tower rested a little and waited for my daughter to come out.After she came back she said she had that being watched feeling.I did not have this feeling when I went up but she went farther than we did.In any case we started exploring the tree line around the water tower.Here is where I may have found some very intriguing evidence.In researching for this project I found that BF uses some interesting ways to "mark" their territory.One way which I had seen a picture of was making an X with large branches or small trees.What I found was an X at the perimeter of the trees.What got me curious was the way it was made.There was one small tree laying on the ground.Another small tree had been snapped of almost at the ground which fell across the the tree on the ground creating an X or even a cross.Here are the pics.

As you can see in the last photo.this happened recently.The wood is still strong.There are no branches or leaves on it which rules out wind.And as for the tree on the bottom it came from somewhere else as we could not find anything resembling what the stump from the top tree looked like.After some discussion we decided to head back to Beckley and gorge ourselves at Ryan's.Because this is longer than I anticipated I will quit right here let you digest what i have posted and then resume with our discussions at dinner as to whether we should return as it was getting late and darkness was coming.

End of Part 1

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Gosh, this was really interesting.